United Methodist Church Men Fellowship

UNITED METHODIST MEN is a semi-autonomous organization within the United Methodist Church which is made up of men in a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the United Methodist Church. UMM are members who are called to be disciples of Jesus Christ first and members of the UMC. Voluntary Membership to UMM is confirmed of each man in the UMC circuits of the SAAC by paying a yearly subscription fee to UMM via their circuit UMM Finance, who then pays District UMM who in turn pays the Conference UMM. UMM has members and leadership starting from the Circuits who make District and then conference along the lines of our church structure.

UMM reports to the Connectional Ministries and its work is reported to the Charge and District Conference via the CM committee. UMM conducts its own District and Annual/National Conferences whose achievements for the year is consolidated and gets reported to the SAAC. These District conferences is headed by the District Superintendents while the National UMM Conference is headed by the Bishop. As S.A. is host to several citizens of different countries of the world, we make use of UMM Constitutions of various men groups. In some instance the acronym used may differ as it may be in vernacular but all under the UMM banner.

At each of its conferences (District/National), new leaders are elected to lead the organization for a 2 to 4 year term. The leadership is responsible for the functioning of all the districts and accountable to the SA Annual Conference. We have 5 districts that make up the S.A. UMM Conference namely Kayalethu, Makhukanye, Ikwezi, Cape Coastal and Central. At the National level, Bishop and Cabinet appoints a clergy representative that is part of the leadership as an Advisor to UMM.

As UMM men, we believe we are called to be Fishers of Men as per Jesus’ calling to his disciples in Mark 1 verse 17 and all our work is centered on bringing men and all humanity to Jesus Christ.

For further details on our organization, and how to join us in your area we direct you to our current leadership contacts below.